VoyageLA names Erin @ Wana one of "LA's Most Inspiring Stories"

Published May 22, 2018 by Erin @ Wana
Erin carrying Baby and backpack through the train station in England

Erin says, "I didn’t think I would fall in love with LA. I’m a Midwest girl turned city dweller that still thinks it isn’t barbecue without the sauce. So I filled up a backpack and did 15 months around 5 continents with my husband and my camera, with odd homes and odd jobs. We taught English in a rice paddy village in Indonesia, worked as scuba divers in the Med researching climate change and learned Aussie football from a punk rocker in the Outback (where they also leave the sauce off the barbie).

And when it was time to come home and to start a family, there wasn’t any home that fit us better than right back here in LA. We’re a city of transplants, of crazy dreamers, of world-seekers, and there isn’t anywhere else like it...

And then I launched a startup, bound for the transplants and dreamers just like me...I believe being the best parent I can be means being great for my family, my community, and myself.  It doesn’t take rocket science to have everything; it just takes each other."

What does Erin say is the secret to success?  Read the rest on VoyageLA.

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