Erin's Speaker Night for Glendale Tech on Tap "One of the Best"

Published April 25, 2018 by Erin @ Wana

How does a Midwest native go from rocket scientist to backpacker to LA mompreneur?  The City of Glendale invites Founder Erin Beck to share her story at Tech on Tap

Event page for Erin Beck at Glendale Tech on Tap: Around the World in 15 Months, From Space to Startup

"Erin was a Mission Director at SpaceX. Then she took off around the world for a year, had babies (a baby), and started her own business (another baby). What did she learn from her years working for Elon Musk? How did she take the leap from stable corporate employment to being self-employed and mobile? And where is Wana Family Network now, six months after its debut pitch at Glendale Tech Week 2017? Join us for an inside look at what's going on inside one of Glendale's local startups."

Erin's talk was "one of the best."  Missed it?  Come back here for the post-show podcast, coming soon!

In LA?  Get a shot of tech monthly at Glendale's Tech on Tap - and bring your friends!

Wish you'd been there?  Ask your questions here and it'll be like your backstage pass.

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