Sept. 21, 2019 from 11am - 1pm at Glendale Central Library

Free for the whole family!
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Glendale Central Library is located at 222 East Harvard Street.  The Showcase will be held in the Auditorium on the second floor across from the Children's Room.  There is elevator access.  Three hours free parking is available in the garage across the street with Library validation.

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, Glendale Tech Week gets powered up by Wana at the Central Library starting at 11am - and the young entrepreneurs of Los Angeles are the stars!

Come see teens through toddlers show off their tech prowess and business savvy.  Sample their products, hear their pitch, and "invest" in your favorites.  Everyone goes home a winner, and your picks go home The Winners.

Bring the whole family for kids-in-tech events all day all over the library:

  • STEM activities in the Children's Room

  • Workshops by the MakerSpace

  • Games by Glendale family favorites (and the Kids Startup Showcase!) in the Auditorium

This is your celebration of all the fun family pop-ups celebrating science, technology, and entrepreneurship during Glendale Tech Week 2019!  


Meet The Judges

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Our distinguished judges are policy, technology, and education leaders in Los Angeles, and we are beyond proud to welcome them as mentors for the Finalists.

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Kiana Fong,

Winner of Showcase 2018

"I would tell the young entrepreneur to not be afraid, if you try your best and work hard, you can accomplish anything." These inspired words led 14 year old Kiana Fong, Founder of Thousand Bamboos hand-made jewelry shop, to win last year's Showcase, and now she's giving back as our Student Judge! 

Announcing the Finalists!

This is the moment.  Nine ambitious, inventive, giving, fearless rising stars have been selected to represent the future of Los Angeles entrepreneurship at the Kids Startup Showcase.  These students, from 7 to 13 years old, have developed original 3D designs, opened their own online stores, stocked libraries in developing countries, and launched virtual rockets into space. 


Each will host an exhibit of their project, pitch its awesomeness live on stage, and answer tableside Q&A with the audience.  Judges, each a leader of their field, will "invest" in their favorites - and so will you, the audience!  Don't miss this chance to show your support for each of these trailblazing kids.


Christopher Golanian

KT, AGE 12

The founder of KT (for "Kids and Teens") is passionate about programs "designed by a kid for the kids," and at 12 years old, Christopher is collecting his knowledge for sharing, creating an internet-based resource hub for young entrepreneurs.  His goal is to simplify the process of starting a business into discrete steps, so kids of any age can get started one check box at a time.

"I know a lot of my friends who want to start their own business but don't have a clue or don't know where to go for help."

Sequoia Boyl

Returning Finalist

Seven year old Sequoia Boyl is overflowing with ideas. Last year he started with "a simple one": a voice-activated computer app for his friends and family with mobility limitations. This year get ready for his keychain-size bike-to-bike communication invention that improves safety for young cyclists. It's hot out of prototype: "I just have to set up mass manufacturing and work on pricing to make it affordable!"

"Come and I can help you start your business. I will teach you and help you. It is fun and rewarding."

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Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.50.30 AM.png

Nairi & Lori Torosyan


Lori and Nairi the Slime Masters know that "Art + Science + FUN" are the key ingredients for outstanding ooze. From one $50 loan, the science-loving sisters built a profitable Etsy business selling their speciality concoctions.  When they're not measuring and mixing, you'll find them moving fast, each with goals to travel the 50 states and "as many countries as possible." (You may also spy them at Tech Week learning from their biggest fan, the founder of Glendale favorite DishDivvy and these two's lucky mom.)

"I want them to see that I'm responsible, and I can accomplish great things."

Erik Shamsedeen


An inventor for any medium, Erik's creations in tech, solar, and even wood will soon be featured on national television (ssh, the show is still secret!), and the opportunity to share inspired him to keep on sharing!  His self-produced tech TV series, RobotoBrain, "builds robots through cinematic visualization" to teach kids about robotics, artificial intelligence, and coding. He says he'll grow up to be a mechanical engineer ... or President of the United States.

"Focus on your passion and you'll find the best path to get you to your destination."


Vitaly Vakhteev


When then-second-grader Vitaly Vahkteev discovered the space travel simulator, Kerbal Space Program, the game enthusiast instantly saw its potential to teach. His proposal to his school took several iterations, but the following September, Kerbal Club launched, and Vitaly "sold out" every session with enthusiastic elementary students exploring propulsion systems and orbital mechanics.

"I think that I can spread the club to other schools, so more learn rocket science, and then more kids have a chance to build them once they grow up."

Isabella Canela


Isabella makes cleaning her room into art, turning scrappy (or anything that can't be donated) into scrunchies, pillow cases, and phone covers.  The recycled treasures are her gift to what she loves - "the earth and all animals" - driven by her mantra of "reuse, create, protect, fashion, awareness."  When she's not sewing green, she's seeing blue, dreaming of adventures like skydiving and hot air ballooning.

"My most important customer is the Earth because the Earth gives me a place to live and thrive and in return I help clean it little by little."

Keaton Davis_Exhibit 2.jpg

Keaton Davis

Returning Finalist

For 12 year old Keaton Davis, the motivation was simple: he brought his self-designed, 3D-printed creations to school, and his friends asked to buy them!  Now he's building a website for online sales and custom orders, working out the challenges of manufacturing, shipping, and transactions like every great jack-of-all-trades startup CEO.  He's also a pianist, baseball player, game designer, and history buff, which inspire his 3D designs from video game figurines to ancient architecture.

"Get as much feedback as possible so that you can improve the final draft."

Sofia Flores-Sirolli

Proud student of
and Returning Finalist

Sofia Flores-Sirolli was​ 8 years old when she visited her grandmother's childhood home in Nicaragua.  The library had only a few books, and nearby villages had none.  Sofia, a passionate reader, knew what to do.  Back home, she sold used books in English to buy new books in Spanish and sent over 500 books and hundreds of school supplies back to the little library.  Her next step?  Seeding new libraries in those places with none.

"There is no limit to this dream as long as there are kids who want to read and to help other kids."

Sofia Flores-Sirolli_Exhibit 3.JPG

Anabelle Lockwood


There's nothing small town about Anabelle's The Loco Lemon gourmet lemonade stand.  At 13, she's been meticulously mixing her 12 all-natural flavors for 3 years, and her successful drive to professionalize - through crowd funding, commercial licensing, and now franchising - has earned her a place in LA Eater, ABC, NBC, Girl Museum, and JuniorityTV!  When she's not serving sweet samples, catch her singing some sweet tunes. 

"Don't be scared to put your stuff out there. You will be surprised at how much support you get."

And Introducing!

We have the privilege to introduce 15-year-old beat-spinner and sound architect, Kaianna Williams, coming to us as DJ Kai, to lay down the soundtrack for Showcase 2019.  Proof that they're always paying attention on Take Your Kid to Work Day, Kaianna grew up mesmerized by the equipment in her mom's recording studio.  Now the tunes and the gear follow her, and we're thrilled to get to feature this rising talent!

"Inspiration, determination, creativity, respect, imagination, and sincerity. 
Go for it! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something."

Who Will Win?

This year we are celebrating The Three P's of entrepreneurship: People, Planet, and Performance.  Judge and audience votes combine to crown Winners in 8 categories: the 3P's, Coolest Tech, Booth Artistry, Stage Star, People's Choice, and for our returning Showcasers, the Boom! Award for Growth.  Each Winner will receive a prize like these customized just for them to launch their startup to the next level!  

Second City is the "world's premier school of comedy," and you'll get a whole session to study how to tell your magnetic story from the masters of stagecraft.  Check out their full line-up of kids classes here.

Spread the Word

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