What if childcare were free?

Trade babysitting with families in your neighborhood.

Preschool class? Soccer team? Book club?  Your new babysitting buds!


Tell your swap buddies how fun your kids are.   Share only with who you want, when you want.


Find your friends, come with your club, or meet someone new near you, like you.


Swap sits!

Sit for each other and trade points instead of dollars.


Join for free, swap for free.  Give as much as you get, and your babysitting is for real fun, flexible, and free!

Our kids are everything.


And then there's work, date nights, and hair cuts ...

If we’re going to be the best parents we can be, if we’re going to set an example of adventure and friendship and contribution, we’ve also got to be great for ourselves, for each other, and for our communities.


Getting shut in by the guilt and costs of childcare is not an option.


Give, receive, and keep saying yes! It’s okay to have everything.

Erin Beck

Founder & Mom

Erin Beck, Founder of Wana

It's easy to like safe, flexible, fun, and free.  Are your friends on?

Carolin's Family

Los Angeles

We love the Wana network!  It's awesome to meet other parents and the kids love hanging out together.  In general my kid is not feeling very comfortable with babysitters, but she is more than excited to hang out with her new friends.

Jose's Family

Los Angeles

Very simple and easy to get started.  I setup a sit within minutes of me getting on the site.

Erin's Family

Los Angeles

We've struggled with affordable childcare, and you just can't settle for less than best with your kids.  I can't over-exaggerate the peace of mind knowing a parent as mindful as me is just a message away on Wana.

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